Population Of Newport | Newport Population 2019

Population Of Newport | Newport Population 2019:- Newport is a city in south east Wales. At the 2011 census, Newport was the 3rd largest city in Wales, with a population of 145,700.

Newport grew significantly in the 19th century when its port became the focus of coal exports from the eastern South Wales Valleys. Until the rise of Cardiff on 1850s, Newport was Wales’ largest coal-exporting port.

Newport was granted city status in 2002. Newport was the venue for the 2014 NATO summit. Worcester Population


Population Of Newport:

To know the population of Newport in 2019, the population for the previous 4/5 years needs to be checked. They are as follows.

  • 2014 –147,220
  • 2015 –147,570
  • 2016 – 147,980
  • 2017 – 148,256
  • 2018 – 148,517
  • Newport Population 2019 – 148,776

Is it seen that Newport population in the previous 5 years has gone up by 1297 people. Also, each year the population increases by 259 people. Hence, the population of Newport in 2019 is estimated to be 148,776.

Newport Population 2019 – 148,776 (estimated)

Population Of Newport | Newport Population 2019



Residents of Newport is known as Newportonians. In the 2011 census, 89.9% people in Newport described themselves as White, 5.5% people are Asian, 1.7% people are Black, 1.1% people are Mixed White/Black, 0.5% people are Mixed White/Asian and 1.4% as other ethnic groups.



In the 2011 census, 56.8% of Newport peoples described themselves Christian, 4.7% people are Muslim, 1.2% Other religions (including Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Jewish and Others), 29.7% people were non-religious and 7.5% people chose not to answer the non-compulsory religion question on the census.

Newport has more than 50 churches, 7 mosques, and one synagogue; the nearest Gurudwara is in Cardiff.


Newport Population Growth

Newport has seen Fixed population growth since the 1800s. At the beginning of the century, there were just over 6,600 peoples. This number exceeded 29,000 just 50 years later, then almost reached 50,000 just 30 years later. At the beginning of the 1900s, Newport had a population of over 79,000. In the 1940s, the population exceeded 116,000. Now, the population is over to 150,000. Although the population growth has slowed in recent years, growth continues to be steady, especially with a growing student population attending the University of South Wales.



Newport itself has 3 major centres for employment: the city centre, and business parks clustered around the M4 motorway junctions 24 in the east and 28 in the west.

Organisations based in the city include Airbus Defence & Space; the headquarters of the Office for National Statistics; the headquarters of the UK Intellectual Property Office (formerly known as the Patent Office); the General Insurance Division of Lloyds TSB; the headquarters of insurance comparison site Gocompare; a large Panasonic manufacturing plant; a manufacturing plant for International Rectifier; the Passport Office for much of the south and west of the UK; the headquarters of Wales and West Utilities; the shared-service centre for HM Prison Service; and the Wales headquarters of the Charity Commission and British Red Cross.

In 1997, LG Group announced a £1.7 billion project in Newport creating 6,100 jobs, and supported by public sector grants.



Newport is located 222 km west of London and 19 km east of Cardiff. Newport which includes rural areas, as well as the built-up area, is the seventh most populated unitary authority in Wales. Newport is largely low-lying, but with a few hilly areas.

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